Solo Pieces

In Brian Schober
Two mallet piece for solo marimba for advanced level musicians. This piece is a flurry of notes from beginning to end!.....$11.95

Latina Pequena Anthony Miranda
A solo piece of moderate difficulty for three conga drums and one pair of bongos. This piece provides a touch of Latin flavor and introduces the technical aspects of modern notational systems....$7.95

Melodia Nera Rocco Di Pietro.
Melodia Nera for solo timpani, is a melodic ritual of primitive grand eloquence and breadth. The phrasing and legato lines can be compared to those usually found in pieces written for stringed instruments.A demanding solo which requires a great deal of musical expression....$9.95

Some Music for King George Chester Mais.
Inspired by the grand and powerful sound of the King George marimba, this piece is written for marimba four- hands. An excellent recital piece of moderate difficulty....$7.95

Suite for Unaccompanied Drum Set Anthony Miranda
This advanced solo piece, in four movements, utilizes the drum set as a multiple percussion unit and requires a high level of rhythmic and dynamic independence. An ideal college recital piece....$9.95

Tamboleo William Ortiz
Latin rhythms which reflect elements of pop culture are employed extensively in this solo multiple percussion work. It is ideally suited to the intermediate to advanced performer....$7.95

Two episodes for the solo Snare Drum
…......................…… Anthony Miranda.
A demanding work which juxtaposes rudimental style drumming with complicated rhythmic structure. An excellent audition or competition solo....$6.95

Truly Yours Gustavo Matamoros.
Scored for xylophone soloist and tape, this highly original recital piece successfully combines the acoustic xylophone sound with a kaleidoscopic range of pre-recorded electronic sounds.Guaranteed to dazzle your audience....$19.95

Urbanizacion William Ortiz.
This difficult solo multiple percussion piece employs Latin rhythms which reflect elements of pop culture. Vocalizations in both English and Spanish add dramatic power to this high energy work....$14.95

Midnight Rain Eric Zak.
Looking for a moderately difficult, four mallet marimba solo? This piece could be the answer.Midnight Rain uses the entire range of 4 1/3 octaves and emphasizes four mallet control of arpeggios and block chords....$9.95

Inventions on a Polyrhythmic Motif
………………………… Anthony Miranda.
This solo multiple percussion piece uses many pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. Inventions on a Polyrhythmic Motif is a rhythmically active work requiring stamina and technical endurance. A very difficult and challenging piece for the advanced percussionists. ...$12.95

Nasty Roche Eric Starr.
Nasty Roach is a solo marimba piece that is challenging, yet enjoyable to perform.This composition is designed to build four mallet technique,and music interpretation skills. Nasty Roach is a jazzy (post be-bop) mallet piece that is fast and furious, yet subtle and graceful.This piece urges the percussionist to exhibit lightning chops as well as insightful musical depth. A perfect encore piece for any recital!...$11.95

Developing Improvisational Solos on Drum Set Anthony Miranda.
A sixty-two minute video tape demonstrating musical and creative techniques for developing solo improvisational; abilities on drum set. Odd meter and polymetric improvisations are explored in great detail. An advanced tape providing the drum set artist with new perspectives and dimensions in the area of solo improvisation....$29.95

Ensemble Music

Border Crossing David Vayo.
The title Border Crossing refers to the intermingling of contemporary classical and popular styles in this composer's music. The climactic final section of this piece for four players expresses good feelings and celebration....$19.95

Collage Anthony Miranda.
This trio of moderate difficulty for two drum sets and timpani in two movements combines a Collage of styles with an energy level crescendo to the very end. A sure crowd pleaser, ideal for college or advance high school ensembles....$12.95

Displacements Anthony Miranda.
A piece of moderate difficulty for two or more players using all skin percussion surfaces. The interchanging accents and stereophonically treated sounds, with players dueling, make this an effective and exciting work....$9.95

Fantasy for Organ and Percussion Chester Mais.
A unique piece utilizing a large multiple percussion array of pitched and non-pitched instruments (one player). The poly-rhythmic interaction between organ and percussion make this piece challenging for both performers....$24.95

Interplay Robert Mols.
Scored for two flutists and two percussionists, this moderately difficult piece requires tight ensemble playing featuring the vibraphone and marimba. An ideal recital piece....$19.95

Polysonics Anthony Miranda.
This concerto utilizes the Drum Set as a Solo Multiple Percussion Instrument with seven percussionists. The complex rhythmic structure is evident throughout the piece with the use of 7 : 6 : 5 : 4 : 3 : 2, cross rhythms which are irrational and rational, among many other advanced Polyrhythmic relationships. In addition, extreme rhythmic contract is utilized....$19.95

Sinfonia No. 8 Walter Hartley.
A quintet in three movements, Sinfonia No. 8 offers the intermediate to advanced percussion ensemble a musical approach to mallet percussion instruments interacting with timpani and roto toms....$21.95

Three Solos for Bass Guitar and Drum Set James Kurzdorfer and Anthony Miranda.
This advanced collection of recital pieces for electric bass and drumset was written to provide the performers with recital material designed to exploit and expand the possibilities of the bass guitar and drum set as solo instruments. A unique combination of strict notation and improvisation will provide the performers with a truly exciting challenge.

Timing David Macbride.
Timing was inspired by the sound of a baby's heartbeat inside the womb. Composed for two percussionists, player one's part represents the mother's body sounds while player two is the child. Often, the child's part is the same as the mothers only faster. Canons and close imitation represent the two persons shared existence. Timing is a very unique, yet challenging recital piece....$14.95